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We REpEat what
we do not repair



BetterDays is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization creating effective change and opportunities by addressing community concerns in underserved areas. We are determined to provide resources to our communities in need. 

Founded in 2015, our purpose is to rehabilitate low income communities and push the importance of unity. We are dedicated to building power & capacity for people of low income, especially people of color, so that they may thrive without battling the force of oppression.  We strive to empower, inspire, and uplift by connecting individuals to knowledge, resources, and meaningful opportunities.


Passionate to service, we are committed to helping communities in need transition from dark times to better days.



BetterDays is dedicated to addressing community concerns & fulfilling the needs of the community.

BetterDays strives to provide beneficial resources & learning opportunities for individuals to create their own, "BetterDay".

BetterDays aims to establish & maintain community leadership for the stability & safety of our current future generations.

BetterDays works to peacefully  strengthen our communities mentally, physically, emotionally via events & cultural experiences.


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